The Park After Dark


On Saturday last Glaslough Life hosted an outdoor concert in the village in aid of Glaslough Development Fund. The event was a roaring success with hundreds celebrating under a full moon in aid of a good cause. Some of Monaghans finest musical talent played on the night including Sun.Set.Ships, Lowlight Gathering and Sioda to name just a few. We gathered together a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

1 11205040_10155963245820371_1663978651116178879_n 11219569_1177098845649495_1038776938334024937_o 11872054_907994715956481_4084953375792890956_o 11882339_1177098782316168_3147754559239088993_o 11885725_907994655956487_7100140024902188577_o 11888507_1177098225649557_4605226091652216806_o 11892353_907994215956531_7961230166876649928_o 11893797_907994652623154_3672996807463754175_o 11894466_10156085174310601_6839606908462447107_o 11895084_1177098295649550_6574520813597217891_o 11895091_907994379289848_5994858871221785361_o 11895131_1177097375649642_1322629240492853804_o 11896382_907994255956527_8407291361930310118_o 11902479_10155963247245371_7913235346786155063_n 11913983_10155963244460371_5806971690962345001_n 11951431_907994449289841_4868214271097671824_o 11951431_907994579289828_8460504515196955099_o


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